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Megha (Meena) Thuse

KidsPlanet is the best & most preferred Licensed & Insured Large Family Daycare in Pleasanton, CA, Licensed by California Department of Social Services since 2003; owned & run by Mrs. Megha (Meena) Thuse. 

Megha holds a Bachelors Degree in Science with Chemistry as Major from University of Pune.  She graduated in 1980 with Honors. 

Megha is CPR & First Aid trained & certified.  She has also completed many child care related courses conducted by various agencies like University of California, Davis, Child Care Link etc...Click here to see her certificates.

Megha is successfully providing Quality Child Care Services in Pleasanton, CA since January 2003.

Back in mid 80s & 90s, she was an Elementary School teacher teaching kindergarten, nursery, 1st & 2nd graders, for about 10 years.  She also has about 3 years of experience in running a successful Family Day Care in India in early 90s.

Prior to starting Daycare Facility Megha was a software programmer with proficiency in client server programming, EDI Programming. 

She loves kids & has a unique knack of nurturing them.  Her favorite hobbies are Gardening, Music, Travel. 


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Family Members

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Vilas Thuse (Vil)

Megha’s husband Vilas held important positions in IT Consulting and Professional Services Companies in Bay Area  till Sep 2014 after which he took retirement from active Corporate IT and started helping his wife Megha in day to day Daycare Work of managing kids.  He also helps in Administration, Accounting, Website Administration & Publishing, &  Marketing of KidsPlanet Family DayCare in Pleasanton, CA.

Vilas is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from College of Engineering Pune Class of 1977 and a Chartered Engineer.  He has successfully transitioned as a software professional after coming to USA in December 1996.  He is also RAB USA, LRQA UK, RTD Netherlands, JAS-ABZ Australia & New Zealand Certified ISO 9000 Auditor.

He is very active in the Community Services, Charity Work & Social Work.  A die hard Music fan, he runs a Karaoke Club called Karaokians. Indian Community in US affectionately calls him "Vilas Da".

He is also an expert Hobbyist Photographer & Videographer and provide these services to many Social & Charity organization.  Being an expert Audio Engineer, he provides professional Audio System as volunteer to some Charity and Social Organizations.

Vilas is also known as Panditji, a Certified Astrologer & provides Pooja Vidhi  & Astrology Services in Bay Area as hobby since 1997.  He is one of the founders and past Presidents of East Bay Marathi MandaL.  He was also Chair (2009), Chair (2008) & Co-Chair of Systems Group at the annual convention TiEcon of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

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Megha & Vilas are blessed by two sons Parag & Ankur. Both of them help & support their mom in making KidsPlanet a great experience to the kids & parents.  In fact the name  KidsPlanet was suggested by Parag & was unanimously chosen as the name for Megha’s daycare.


Parag Thuse (Elder Son) & Pallavi Thuse (Daughter-in-Law)

Parag holds a Degree of BS Computer Science from California State University East Bay. He & his wife Pallavi currently live in San Ramon, CA.  Parag is working as Sr. Analyst in IT Department at NorthBay Healthcare, Fairfield, CA

Pallavi holds BS Molecular Microbiology Degree from Melbourne University, Australia and works as Technical Specialist in Roche Diagnostics in Pleasanton, CA.

Parag & Pallavi are blessed with a son named Rihaan & Daughter Raina.



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Ankur Thuse (Younger son) & Apoorva Thuse (Daughter-in-law)

Ankur holds BS Computer Science from California State University East Bay & MS Computer Science from San Jose State University.  He is working as Solutions Architect  with Elastic Search, Mountain View, CA

Apoorva holds Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management from London, UK and is working as Account Director at QASource in Pleasanton, CA

Ankur & Apoorva are blessed with Daughters named Alisha & Anika.




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