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Videos of Kids Activities in Kidsplanet Daycare

These are some sample videos of the Educational Activities in our Daycare...

We teach a lot of basic important things to kids in very interesting ways.  They have a lot of fun while learning.  We typically teach them following:

bulletDays of the Week
bulletMonths of the Year... What comes in a month? e.g. Mother's Day comes in May & Father's Day Comes in June etc...
bulletAlphabets, Alphabets Songs
bulletNumbers 1 to 20 and the Number songs
bulletFruits & vegetables
bulletFarm Animals & Wild Animals
bulletAnd Much More....

We have a big backyard which has variety of Toys & Play structures suitable for small kids.  They have a fun time playing in backyard as and when the weather God Permits.  Some very popular play are the Slide, The Tunnel, Bubble Fun, The Tri-Cycles, Rocking Fish, Rocking Horse etc...  Take a look at a few videos below from our YouTube Channel "Megha Thuse"

1 Fruits @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
2 Music Class @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
3 Music Class @ idsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
4 Dance Practice @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
5 Months of the Year @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
6 Days of the Week @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
7 Happy Valentine Day Greetings by Kids @ Kidsplanet Daycare Circle Time  
8 Tunnel Play Fun & Excitement at Kidsplanet Daycare  
9 Play on Slide in Kidsplanet Daycare Pleasanton CA  
10 Baby Trying to Stand Kidsplanet Daycare Helps in Milestones of Kids  
11 London Bridge is Falling Down Kids Version in Kidsplanet Daycare  
12 Dance Lakdi Ki Kaathi by kids in Kidsplanet Daycare  
13 Bubble Fun by Kidsplanet Daycare  
14 Backyard Play #2 in Kidsplanet Daycare  
15 Backyard Play in Kidsplanet Daycare  
16 Backyard Play at Kidsplanet Daycare  
17 ABCD Dance by Kids at Kidsplanet Daycare  

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