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Dos Don'ts  

Mandatory Traffic Rules & Regulations             Useful Information for Parents








Dos & Don'ts For Parents/Guardians            


Parents/Guardians will be responsible for providing the food to be given to the child. Food will be served to the child as per instructions from the Parents/Guardians.



Parents/Guardians will be responsible for providing adequate & season appropriate clothing as per the requirement of the child.  For the kids wearing diapers, parents/guardians will be required to provide adequate stock of diapers in advance. Minimum 3 sets of clothes should be sent with the child everyday.

Bed & Blanket:

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for providing appropriate bed, pillow & blankets etc... required for child for sleeping.  These items will have to be properly identified & will have to be taken home by parents/guardians every week or as required for cleaning.


Parents/Guardians will be responsible for providing medication if required along with the schedule (Frequency, Dosage, Timing) in writing. 

Sickness of Child:

Parents/Guardians will be required to follow the Medical Policy of KidsPlanet, which is based on the guidelines of Department of Social Services of California.

Books & reading material:

Parents/Guardians may provide the books & other reading material as per the liking of the child only at their own responsibility.  KidsPlanet will not be responsible for any damage or loss for any reason..

Musical Instruments, other fancy items :

Parents/Guardians are requested not to send musical instruments or any fancy items like electronic games, sports goods etc...with kids.

Drop off and Pick up:

Drop off and pick up of the child will be the responsibility of his/her parent/guardian. Other persons, with proper identification ONLY if authorized by parent/guardian in the Registration Form will be allowed to pick up the child.

Statutory Rules & Regulations:

Parents/Guardians will be required to comply with the rules, regulations & guidelines given by the California Department of Social Services - Community Care Licensing, which regulates the licensed Family Day Care facilities.

Mandatory Traffic Rules & Regulations:

Our daycare is part of residential complex hence all the patrons of our day care MUST accept and follow the following traffic rules and regulations as per the guidelines of City of Pleasanton.


Use only Driveway of our house for drop off & pick up.


Drive safely, do not create any traffic hazard, be mindful of adjacent property owners' concerns while driving to & from our facility.


Please DO NOT PARK in front of driveways, at no parking zones or in a manner that will create traffic hazard.


Please follow the SPEED LIMIT of 15 MPH strictly.


U-Turn is prohibited on Genovesio Drive for the Patrons of our Daycare.


Double Parking, or Parking in the middle of the Street, or Parking the wrong way is NOT allowed.


Do not keep the Engine of your Car running during drop off & pick up.

Note: We may refuse daycare services if these traffic rules are not followed by Parents/Guardians.



If we observe any abnormal behavior of any child, parents/guardians will be informed accordingly.       

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