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Following are a few important guidelines provided by California Childcare Health Program and other websites about children going to family daycare facilities providing childcare information:

This information will certainly help Parents/Guardians in taking care of children in collaboration with the daycare/Child care Service provider, which will result in well being of children.

bullet Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
bullet Bronchitis Pneumonia Fact Sheet
bullet Child Abuse and Neglect
bullet Common Cold
bullet Communication of Parents With Childcare Provider
bullet Computers for Children
bullet Excluding a Child from Day Care Facility For Illness
bullet Falls of Children
bullet Fever of Children
bullet Fire & Burns Injuries
bullet Food Allergies
bullet Food Borne Illness
bullet Good Sleep
bullet Immunization Handbook - California
bullet Lead In Keys - take care before giving keys to children
bullet Medication & Food Interaction - care to be taken for food intake while on medication.
bullet Microwave Facts
bullet Nursemaid Elbow
bullet Poisoning
bullet Poisonous House Plants Fact Sheet
bullet Safe & Healthy Travel - Care to be taken during travel with children.
bullet Shaking Babies Is Harmful - It's NO NO...
bullet Teething
bullet Vaccination Check List

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